Our Vision

To be the Leading Hospitality Management Company recognized for its unique blend of world-class standards with genuine hospitality and for its truly treasured experiences provided for guests, colleagues and owners.

Brand Promise

Treasured Time

In today’s busy, pressured world, time is our most precious commodity. How and with whom we choose to spend it is perhaps one of the most important decisions we make in our lives. At Rotana, we have chosen to acknowledge this fact by embracing the challenge of making all time spent with us, Treasured Time. This means that we pledge to understand and meet the individual needs of all who we deal with. In so doing, we strive to continually build long-term relationships with our owners and partners, our colleagues and, of course, our guests. Treasured Time is Rotana today.

Adaptability of Treasured Time
The promise or concept of Treasured Time resonates with all those we strive to build a relationship with.

For our owners and partners
- We treasure the past, whilst looking forward to the future together
- We acknowledge what we have achieved together, and will achieve together in the future
- We communicate our respect for the relationship

For our colleagues
- We acknowledge the value of your time
- We recognise that you have chosen to spend it with us
- We promise that the time spent with Rotana will be valuable to your career

For our guests
- We respect that your time is precious
- We communicate our appreciation for sharing it with us
- We promise that we will do everything to ensure that your time spent with us is considered a treasured experience

Treasured Time acknowledges our past, reflects the present and makes a promise for the future.

Acknowledging the past
Treasured Time speaks of how the times we have shared together are moments that we will cherish always.
Treasured Time is an acknowledgement of the friendship we share with our owners and partners, colleagues and guests.

Reflecting the present
Treasured Time is a statement of the value of time in this day and age. Treasured Time states that time is valuable; that time is a treasured commodity in all our lives.

Making a promise for the future
As Rotana, we recognise the value of time in today’s world. We recognise the value of time to our owners and partners, colleagues and guests. In so doing, we make a promise to all, that the time spent with us will be moments that will be treasured always. Treasured Time is a promise of precious moments yet to be shared together.

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